“Callan comes into an organization and quickly immerses herself in the specific complexities of a challenge. She asks a lot of great questions and organizes thoughts and ideas that are often all over the place.

Simultaneously, she builds trust and relationships with team members. She has a way of synthesizing and providing a new point of view that can allow team members to move forward. Simply put, she helps you get it together and keep it together.”



Leadership Development Organization




“Overall, working with Callan has been a great experience. She has very much gotten to know me as a whole person, and a big part of that is the way she created an open and trusting dynamic right from the beginning.

As a result, I always felt comfortable being vulnerable and digging deep into the various questions and explorations that were part of our coaching sessions. Callan was particularly strong at helping me synthesize my thinking. My reflections tended to go all over the place, and even I would sometimes get lost in my line of thinking. It was great when Callan helped to bring me back to the essential question and consider where to go next. She helped me to more authentically realize and own my attributes as a leader and consider how they play out in ideal ways with my team.”



Education Non-Profit




“Callan blends trustworthiness and a down-to-business sense that made every conversation feel purposeful but never rushed. She also poked at my own responses and answers to dig into things that I would not have thought critically about otherwise.”




Startup Media Company




“When I first reached out to Callan, I felt totally lost in my career and professional goals. I reached out because I was so desperate for some answers and guidance and was willing to try everything to get back on a path that made me happy and fulfilled.

Callan was so patient, supportive, and inquisitive, and as a result, I'm headed down a new path that feels like the right direction at this juncture. It's amazing to look back to when we started and consider how much has changed and how much I've learned and grown. This has been an incredible experience, and I feel confident that I would not have made these strides to get me to where I am now without our work together.”



Human Resources Firm




“Callan’s training was very clear, and she made the presentation fun. It never felt like a lecture, which kept the conversation motivating and interesting.”




Lobbying Firm




“During our training, Callan had a willingness to listen to unique circumstances and provide tangible suggestions for next steps.”




Lobbying Firm

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