Sparks are ideas, instincts, passions, values, talents, and lightbulb moments that live within each of us. They are powerful fuel for doing significant work. At Spark Collective, we get to know our clients and what is sparking for them. We then customize our support to best serve organizations, teams, and individuals. We specialize in one-on-one leadership coaching, customized training and facilitation, and community and culture building.


Customized Leadership Trainings

Deepen Your Leadership Skills and Support Extraordinary Work

The most successful companies take an active role in fostering employee growth, knowing on-the-job learning, through training and post-training support, is the most effective way to support employees. Spark Collective can partner with you to assess where your organization has room for improvement through training or leadership support. We produce a detailed analysis for you, highlighting multiple opportunities for organizational growth and related trainings to pursue. Trainings might include: setting clear expectations among teams, delegation, time management, or effective planning. Spark Collective trainers will then design and execute customized trainings based on your organization’s assessment and what you wish you prioritize. We also offer post-training implementation support for individual participants and their managers to ensure all this new learning turns into action.


One-on-one Leadership Coaching

Create Capacity and Transform Your Relationship To Work

Individualized coaching is an effective way to catalyze growth and build a professional’s long-term leadership ability. Spark Collective’s approach to coaching is highly individualized and designed to draw out the passion that fuels your drive to succeed. We create a supportive partnership to discover bold solutions. We’ll work with you to understand your fundamental challenges and current situation, often through assessments and reviewing feedback. You and your coach will then determine goals for working together. Throughout your time together, your coach will guide you to consider who you are, and how you are best positioned to lead, through exercises and dialogue, sparking capacity for future learning and self-directed growth.


Community And Culture Building

Create An Empowered Community and Productive Work Environment

Research shows job satisfaction is an essential factor in employee retention and inspiring excellent work. If your team or organization wants to create a positive and productive culture, Spark Collective can partner with you to understand opportunities for change. We’ll produce a detailed analysis of your current work environment and create guidelines for managing change. Spark Collective coaches and facilitators will support implementing these guidelines, providing immediate support to drive results and modeling effective change management for your organization’s leaders.


Investing in training and supporting emerging leaders was a game changer.


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