Callan Blount Fleming


Callan Blount Fleming founded Spark Collective because she loves the power of lightbulb moments—the moments when we understand something that opens up new possibilities. She has learned through her diverse leadership experience that people are most fulfilled and inspired to do their best, world-changing work when companies are people-centered and people are purpose-driven. This philosophy drives Spark Collective’s customized leadership trainings, one-on-one coaching, and community and culture building support.


Callan shares her own leadership journey through Spark Collective’s blog and offers clients and the broader community opportunities to learn and reflect alongside one another. After all, we’re all in this together.


A Partner To Leaders Aspiring To More


Callan’s unique background makes her a remarkable partner for organizations operating in many spaces and at different growth stages. She has worked in education, private banking relationship management, fundraising, and held senior leadership roles at established and startup nonprofits, as well as Fortune 500 companies.


As a manager and leadership coach, she has worked with clients facing a variety of career and leadership challenges. She loves training, teaching, and leading groups, priding herself on making trainings relatable, actionable, and fun. She is an expert active listener who loves one-on-one conversations, especially those that are focused on how we will change our lives and the world. She creates warm and welcoming environments, leaning on her strengths of optimism and creating harmony. At the same time, she gets down to business by assessing opportunities, explaining complex ideas with clarity, and making recommendations for action.


Working In A Variety Of Fields


Her recent clients include lobbying firms, privately held businesses, corporate foundations, and charter school networks. She is also a strategic advisor to start-up companies and lifestyle brands. Her coaching clients work in a variety of roles and industries and include founders and senior leaders of media startups, economic development organizations, and non-profits.


Prior to launching Spark Collective, Callan sat on the Senior Leadership Team at Educators for Excellence, where she led the fundraising team during a notable growth period; spearheaded coaching and support of Executive Directors and local development teams; and worked with senior leaders to address a variety of organizational issues. Before Educators for Excellence, Callan fostered relationships with corporate supporters for Teach For America, including Comcast, west elm, Credit Suisse, and Prudential, designing customized partnerships through understanding each company’s goals. Prior to this, she was a Private Bank Analyst at JPMorgan Chase, working with individuals and families to invest their assets aligned with their aspirations. Her commitment to educational equity and belief in the incredible ability of all children to succeed was fostered in her role as a Teach For America corps member, teaching 7th grade math in the South Bronx.


The Stuff At The Bottom Of A Resume That’s Also Important


Callan grew up watching the adults in her life love their jobs and the people they served. “What can I do?” became one of Callan’s favorite questions, which often gets her involved in volunteering with non-profits and consulting with start up organizations.


Originally from Texas, she moved to the East Coast to earn her B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia before starting her career in New York City. Even though she’s technically a “New Yorker,” she wore custom-made cowboy boots to her wedding and still says “y’all.”


She holds a Master’s in the Science of Teaching from Pace University and a certificate in Executive Coaching from Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. She is a founding member of Tide Risers, a NationSwell Council member, and a member of the International Coaching Federation.


Callan is madly in love with New York City, the Sam Cooke Pandora station, her husband, and their daughter, whose special spark and rapid-fire lightbulb moments ground her and fill her with awe, gratitude, and a lot of laughter.



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